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International Workshop on Interactive Sonification
(Human Interaction with Auditory Displays)
organised by Andy Hunt and Thomas Hermann
8th January 2004,
Bielefeld University, Germany

These proceedings contain the conference versions of all contributions to the first International Workshop on Interactive Sonification. The files are provided in pdf format, linked to the paper title in the program section below. Those papers marked with (IEEE) have subsequently been reworked and published in the Special Issue of IEEE Multimedia on Interactive Sonification (04/2005).

We very much hope that the proceedings provide an inspiration for your work and extend your perspective on the new emerging research field of interactive sonification.


Thursday, 8th January 2004
08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome addresses (Hunt/Hermann/Ritter)
A letter from Greg Kramer: founder of ICAD
09:25 Introduction:
The Discipline of Interactive Sonification see also reworked IEEE article.
10:10-11:00 Paper Session 1 (each 25 mins) (chair: Thomas Hermann)
10:10 Williamson, Murray-Smith
Granular Synthesis for Display of Time-Varying Probability Densities ,
see also reworked IEEE article.
10:35 Rath, Rocchesso
Informative sonic feedback for continuous human controlling a sound model of a rolling ball see also reworked IEEE article.
11:00 Coffee break
11:20-12:30 Paper Session 2 (mixed 25/20 mins) (chair: Roderick Murray-Smith)
11:20 Hinterberger and Baier
POSER: Parametric Orchestral Sonification of EEG in Real-Time for the Self-Regulation of Brain States, see also reworked IEEE article.
11:45 Effenberg
Using sonification to enhance perception and reproduction accuracy of human movement patterns, see also reworked IEEE article.
12:10 Höner, Hermann, Grunow
Sonification of Group Behavior for Analysis and Training of Sports Tactics
12:30 Lunch (in University Building, Restaurant UniVarza)
14:00-15:55 Paper Session 3 (chair: Florian Dombois)
14:00 Stockman
Integrating Data Sonification with Synthetic Speech for Unified Data Access
14:25 Pauletto, Hunt
Interactive Sonification of Helicopter flight data and muscle (EMG) data
14:50 Eslambolchilar, Crossan, Murray-Smith
Model-based Target Sonification on Mobile devices
15:15 Martini, Hermann, Anselmetti, Ritter
Interactive Sonification for exploring Single Molecule Properties with AFM based Force Spectroscopy
15:35 Rinott
Auditory Displays & Audio-Haptic Interfaces
15:55 Coffee break
16:15-17:05 Paper Session 4 (chair: Gunnar Johannsen)
16:15 Rocchesso, Avanzini, Rath, Bressin, Serafin
Contact Sounds for Continuous Feedback
16:40 Fernström, Brazil
Actions and Agents -- Examining Factors for the Identification and Classification Of Everyday Sounds , see also reworked IEEE article.
17:05 Round Table (Seeding Ideas) Presentations
(5 min. per person) (Rinott, Ng, Bovermann, et al.)
17:40 Plenary Discussion
18:00 End of Official Programme
19:00 Dinner at IBZ and informal meeting

Additional Articles for IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification

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