ISon2007 Proceedings

Proceedings of the

2nd Interactive Sonification Workshop

organized by Andy Hunt and Thomas Hermann

York, U.K., 3rd February 2007

The ISon '07 meeting is the 2nd Interactive Sonification Workshop, following the initial ISon '04 workshop held in Bielefeld.

Keynote Presentation:

  • Mikael Fernström

Full Papers

  • Juggling Sounds

    by Till Bovermann, Jonas Groten, Alberto de Campo, Gerhard Eckel

  • Visual textures seen as sonograms. (Is it nice looking and sounding?)

    by Daniel Arfib, Lucas Tamarit

  • Movement Sonification: Motion perception, behavioral effects and functional data

    by Alfred O. Effenberg

  • Multimodal Excitatory Interfaces with Automatic Content Classification

    by John Williamson, Roderick Murray-Smith

    The paper has been republished as Ch. 12 of 'Engineering Mixed Reality Systems', E. Dubois, P. Gray and L. Nigay (eds.)

  • Orchestral Sonification of Brain Signals and its Application to Brain-Computer Interfaces and Arts

    Thilo Hinterberger

  • Tangible Computing for Interactive Sonification of Multivariate Data

    by Thomas Hermann, Till Bovermann, Eckard Riedenklau, Helge Ritter


Short Papers

  • The Design of Interactive Audio Soccer

    by Tony Stockman, Neil Rajgor, Oussama Metatla and Lila Harrar

  • Suggested Applications of Musical Improvisation Analysis to Interactive Sonificiation

    by Michael Pelz-Sherman

  • Influence of Interactive Auditory Feedback on the Haptic Perception of Virtual Objects

    by Hans Peter Kjaer, Christian Clive Taylor and Stefania Serafin

  • CoRSAIRe - Combination of Sensori-motor Rendering for the Immersive Analysis of Results

    by Brian FG Katz, Olivier Warusfel, Patrick Bourdot, and Jean-Marc Vezien

  • An Audiotactile Vision-Substitution System

    by David Dewhurst

  • A Data Sonification Design Space Map

    by Alberto de Campo


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